Contractor is for competitors who prefer the form and function of mission specific gear used by some civilian contractors but do not want/need the bulk or weight of body armor.

  1. Contractors may employ any handgun of 9mm or larger permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  2. Contractors may employ any rifle of “rifle caliber” permitted by the weapon SOP.
  3. Contractors may employ a centerfire “pistol caliber” rifle in M-4/AR-15 platform only.
  4. Contractors may employ any shotgun permitted by the Weapon SOP.  The shotgun magazine tube may not extend more than a ½ inch beyond the muzzle.  This includes cap, sling swivel, etc.

Contractor Load Out

  1. No “Sponsorship” shirts.
  2. Contractormust wear a chest rig or tactical vest (NOT a plate/armor carrier without plates) in which they will carry their gear.
  3. Contractors must carry on their person at least 3 fully loaded standard capacity rifle magazines and at least 2 fully loaded standard capacity pistol magazines in pouches/carriers as well as their extra shotgun shells.  These must fit the competitor’s rifle and pistol and must contain live ammunition.

These are to be maximum legal capacity if limited by the competitor’s state of residence (i.e. 10 round limit law states) otherwise they are expected to conform to the Weapon SOP.

  1. Contractors may employ a MOLLE “Battle Belt” for their pistol holster and extra magazines.  No “speed rigs” are not permitted; tactical holsters and magazine pouches only.
  2. Contractors may employ “leg rigs” for their pistol holster and extra magazines.


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