Matches are scored using total time.  Targets are scored as hits or misses with the exception of the precision incentive bonus (explained below).  Not placing the required number of rounds on any target will incur a miss penalty.  Conversely, placing more than the required number of rounds on any target will incur NO penalty.  Below are the penalties and examples of what actions will incur them.

  • Misses/knockdown shotgun targets left standing: 5 seconds each
  • ROE: 15 seconds each
  • Safety Infractions: 20 seconds each
    • Not placing rifle/pistol “on safe” when discarding
    • “Overloading” the shotgun
    • Discarding the shotgun with the action closed (except declared malfunction)
    • Retrieving dropped (dead) magazines/shells from the deck during stage engagement
    • Returning a pistol to the holster after use during stage engagement
  • Code of Conduct Violations: 30 seconds each (2 during the same match equal MDQ
  • Match DQ (MDQ):
    • Muzzle of any weapon breaking the 180 during stage engagement
    • Sweeping/flagging any person (including yourself) with the muzzle of a loaded weapon
    • Loss of control of any weapon during stage engagement
    • Serious and/or repeated weapons manipulation violations
    • Any negligent discharge that endangers the competitor or anyone on the range
    • A round impacting a prop within 3 feet of the competitor (including staging tables)
    • A round impacting the deck within 8 feet of the competitor 
  • Re-Shoot
    • Match equipment or prop failure
    • RTO impeding the competitor’s progress through stage engagement
    • Improper coaching by the RTO (does not apply to hits/misses)
    • Timer failure (including unrecorded time)
  • Re-Start
    • Weapon/prop failure prior to the 1st round being sent downrange


Precision Incentive Bonus

Every cardboard target with a standard A-Zone scoring area presented to the competitor carries an opportunity for a bonus.  When a competitor places all the required rounds for stage engagement in the A-Zone for every target presented, a bonus is awarded (bonus value determined by each match director to fit their need).  There are 2 bonuses possible for every stage; 1 for rifle and 1 for pistol (if any cardboard targets are used for pistol).

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