ALPhAS Membership

            Membership has its privilidges!  As a member, your unique call sign and serial number will be protected for your membership period; annual or lifetime.  You will be issued a set of dog tags with your call sign and serial number on them.  After your first renewal, you will get a membership card annually to show that you are in good standing.  This is important because all ALPhAS affilliated clubs are required to give members in good standing a discount on the match fee (even if you are just passing through).  State, Regional, the National and the World Championship will only be open to members in good standing.  In the future, ALPhAS will begin carrying merchandise and offering services to its members.  This will be in the form of tactical gear, weapons and accessories, armorer’s services and such. The benefit package will also grow to include stickers and patches as well.  Some of these things will be available to the public as well but members will be eligible for a discount.

This sport can be as serious or as social as you want it to be.  To keep a light hearted and fun atmosphere, each competitor is asked pick a “call sign”.  The call sign will be your own when registered as an ALPhAS member.  The only restriction placed on call signs is that they must be printable; “Turd Ball” would be acceptable where “Sh*t Bag” would not.  A competitor may use their real name as their call sign if they like.  Call signs are exclusive; there can only be one of each.  Bottom line, if it sounds the same, it is the same.  When registered with ALPhAS as members, all call signs are protected from duplication and recognized as original and unique to the owner for the membership period; annual or lifetime.

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