FNG (Friendly New Guy/Girl)

(Monthly Club Level Matches Only)

            Friendly New Guy.   Competitors qualify as a FNG if they have minimal gear and have not shot an action shooting sport under the clock (Cowboy Action, IPSC, IDPA, etc.).  One would also qualify for this category if they do not have a pistol holster or magazine pouches yet.  This is the category to learn how to safely handle firearms under the stress of timed competition.

  1. FNGs may employ any handgun of 9mm or greater permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  2. FNGs may employ any centerfire rifle permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  3. FNGs may employ any shotgun permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  4. FNGmust pick up the pistol from a staging area during stage engagement (at the discretion of the RTO).

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