Law Enforcement (LE)

            LE is a “uniformed” law enforcement category.  This category is designed for LEOs to bring their duty gear out for extra training. Non-LEO Competitors may choose the dress of any “uniformed” law enforcement officer.

  1. LEs must use weapons of standard department issue as permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  2. LEs may employ any handgun of 9mm or larger permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  3. LEs may employ any rifle permitted by the Weapon SOP.
  4. LEs may employ any 12 gauge shotgun permitted by the Weapon SOP.  The shotgun magazine tube may not extend more than a ½ inch beyond the muzzle.  This includes cap, sling swivel, etc.

LE Load Out

  1. LEs must wear a LE uniform with LE insignias and appropriate footwear.  This may be their “work” uniform if they are uniformed law enforcement.
  2. LEs must carry the items of gear listed below on a single belt:
  • At least 2 fully loaded standard capacity pistol magazines or revolver speed loaders
  • Extra shotgun shells
  • At least 1 fully loaded spare rifle magazine
  • Handcuffs

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