Historical U.S. Military

            Historical U.S. Military is for competitors who enjoy re-enacting a period of American military history from 1921-1984 while engaging a stage using live ammunition.

  1. Dress must conform to the time period or military conflict portrayed (i.e. Vietnam, Korea, etc.).
  2. Magazines/clips must be carried in correct pouches for time period or military conflict being portrayed.
  3. Shotgun shells may be carried in modern carriers.
  4. Authentic pistol holsters may be traded for modern/safer holster designs of the same color as the original.
  5. This is a re-enactment category; competitors are expected to treat it as such.  “Just doing the minimum” is not acceptable here.
  6. All firearms must conform to the Weapon SOP with the following exceptions.
  • Pistols are limited to 1911 variants without magazine wells and double action revolvers.
  • Pistol magazines must have a capacity of 8 rounds or less and be contained within the pistol grip.  Magazines may have a base pad that is solid and that does not serve to increase capacity.
  • Rifles must conform to time period or military conflict portrayed yet be within the Weapon SOP.
  • M-16 variants must have integral carry handle or detachable carry handle on the upper (no bare A3 flat top uppers).
  • AR-15/M-16 grips may be changed but must keep the original A-1/A-2 grip angle.
  • No “modern tactical accessories” on AR-15/M-16 rifles.
  • Iron sights only for all guns.
  • Pistol caliber rifles/carbines are permitted only if they are mil-spec for the time period or military conflict portrayed.
  • Shotguns must be 12 gauge slide action guns with wood furniture; plain jane guns only; no tactical accessories permitted. The magazine tube may not extend more than a ½ inch beyond the muzzle.  This includes cap, sling swivel, etc.


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