Safety SOP

Range Safety SOP

  1. All weapons are to be considered loaded and handled in a safe manner at all times.
  2. Muzzle awareness is paramount; all weapons are to be carried with the muzzles pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  3. Eye and ear protection are mandatory.
  4. Cold range.  No weapons will be loaded except at the designated loading area and on the firing line.
  5. When not on the firing line, all long guns will have the magazines out and actions open; chamber flag if desired.
  6. When not on the firing line, all handguns will be holstered with the magazine out, chamber verified empty with the action closed, and hammer/striker down.
  7. If you must handle weapons when not engaging a stage, take them to a designated “safe area”.
  8. No weapon may be carried with a sling during stage engagement.
  9. Breaking the 180 during stage engagement will incur a match disqualification (MDQ).
  10. Any accidental discharge while not on the firing line will incur a MDQ.
  11. Serious and/or repeated weapons manipulation violations will incur a MDQ.
  12. During stage engagement, the loss of control of any weapon will incur a MDQ.
  13. During stage engagement, any accidental discharge impacting a prop not designated by the stage ROE as “OK to engage” or impacting the deck within 10 feet of the competitor will incur a MDQ.
  14. Any round discharged from any weapon during stage engagement while not directly engaging targets will incur a MDQ.
  15. Sweeping/flagging any person (including yourself) with the muzzle of a loaded weapon at any time will incur a MDQ.

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